ESPN Gives This UFC Fight The Nod For Greatest Of All Time

UFC President, Dana White.

Every single athlete that steps into the octagon are risking their lives under the bright lights in Ultimate Fighting Championship to entertain the masses and make the most money possible. While most fighters walk into the cage and try to implement a gameplan that will help them leave the octagon unscathed, very few fighters approach a fight with a warrior’s mindset of leaving it all in there.

For some fighters, it looks like putting on an entertaining fight comes naturally. Names like Jon “Bones” Jones and Demetrious Johnson show endless improvement every time they step into the octagon and neutralize their opponent’s offense with their own. While fight-fans do appreciate that, it’s the fighters who leave their blood, sweat, and tears on the mat that fans tend to feel more of a connection to.

Guys like Donald Cerrone, Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit, and Rory MacDonald left it in the octagon every time they fought. That’s why it should come to the surprise of very few that when fans voted for the best fight in mixed martial arts history on ESPN, they voted Robbie Lawler’s and Rory MacDonald’s second encounter as the best of all time.

Lawler and MacDonald squared off for an absolutely insane four rounds before Lawler’s hand was ultimately raised in victory when he finished the challenger in the final round. Despite the loss, MacDonald’s stock rose tenfold and he was eventually able to use that star power to negotiate a deal with Bellator.

Did ESPN get the vote wrong? Which fight should have been rewarded the best fight of all time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!