Gall Reveals Secret Injury In CM Punk Fight … And It’s The Grossest Cut You’ll Ever See

UFC President Dana White caught a lot of backlash from fans and fighters alike when he revealed that he had signed Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, to a deal to fight inside the octagon. Ironically, the man who would welcome Punk to the octagon just had two professional fights to his name. Mickey Gall won the lottery to square off with Punk, getting discovered by Dana on “Lookin’ For A Fighter”.

Once the fight was made official for “UFC 203”, their first trip to Cleveland, Ohio, fight fans were excited to see what Punk had in his arsenal. Many tuned in to the pay per view to see how the pro wrestler turned fighter would do, and even more likely tuned in to watch him lose.

Punk dropped fast, getting taken down after his first punch. Gall transitioned at will and peppered Punk with shots until he left his neck exposed, open for a rear naked choke. Punk showed great resiliency when he refused to submit, but he eventually caved in and tapped out before he passed out.

Now, Gall is revealing a major secret that he tried his best to keep hidden during fight week. Gall sported stitches over his eye while shooting promotional material for the pay-per-view and just revealed images of the cut that forced him to get stitches in the first place:

“#SecretTime ! I got this cut 3 WEEKS BEFORE fighting CM Punk… Accidental head butt in practice, 21 STITCHES… Doc said I can’t fight for 6 MONTHS (yeah right). He said if eye gets TOUCHED within 6 months it’ll reopen. So I keep it a SECRET. I end up fighting TWICE in 4 MONTHS. Get GRAZED in second fight. 8 MORE stitches. 2 superstars whooped, 1 born… Worth it”

Do you think the commission would have allowed him to fight with this cut?