Head Nods Of Respect Witnessed In Diaz-McGregor Replay — Watch!

Ultimate Fighting Championship saw one of their biggest rivalries get taken to a new level when Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor met inside the octagon at “UFC 202”. Diaz had shocked the world when he submitted McGregor with ease in the second round of their “UFC 196” contest, and fight fans wanted to know if McGregor could redeem himself in another throwdown.

Diaz signed the dotted line, making their fight for “UFC 202” official and the build up was one of the best in years. The media in the weeks leading up to fight week left more to be desired, but tensions rose when the both fighters’ camps nearly got into a scuffle at a pre-fight press conference.

By the time both fighters made it to the octagon, neither man backed down once they met in the center. What played out over the course of five rounds has been described as an instant classic, and will go down as one of the most anticipated fights in company history.

Both fighters had painted the canvas red with their blood and sweat, and as they approached the final round they had a bit of a silent conversation. Diaz nodded his head and McGregor responded by nodding his, signifying that they had both respected each other’s performances thus far:

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