Hometown Holtzman Makes Nashville Smile With Win Over Michael

Scott Holtzman and Michael McBride kept the action rolling for the crowd packed inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee for “UFC Fight Night 108”. Holtzman hoped to put on a show for his home-state crowd but McBride was looking to make a statement and turn some heads in the stacked lightweight division.

Holtzman swung for the fences from the get-go and found himself on his back once McBride dragged him to the mat. He tied Holtzman up in bizarre positions to try and engage a scramble, but Holtzman was disciplined and escaped danger by getting back up to his feet.

Holtzman stunned and dropped McBride with a massive right hand and invited him back to his feet. McBride tried to land a spinning attack right when Holtzman fired off a low kick which led to a brutal low blow and a halt in action.

McBride recovered rather quickly considering the powerful kick; Holtzman was on him like hot-sauce on wings with a flurry of attacks. The fight would make it to the second round where McBride fought conservatively, looking for takedowns early and often on in the round.

Still, Holtzman was dominant in his attack and landed a takedown himself where he made it rain punches. Holtzman continued his dominance throughout the fight and just when it looked like he was going to pummel his opponent, he would stand back up and demand McBride get back to his feet.

McBride refused and remained on the ground until the referee stood him up, only to find a reason to get back to the ground. Holtzman did not score the knockout, but it was clear he was getting the win.

Scott Holtzman def. Michael McBride by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)