Joe Rogan On Why Nick Diaz Is The Very BEST!

Every single aspect of the presentation for Ultimate Fighting Championship’s broadcasts is crucial, from the lighting rigs to the people sitting cageside calling the action. One of the best to ever don a headset and microphone outside the octagon is commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan is one of the voices of the UFC and just so happens to be one of the more influential figures in the mixed martial arts community. Out of all the fighters to pick as his favorite, Rogan is a man of the people as he listed off Nick Diaz as an all time great.

Every single time Nick steps into the octagon, the fans in the arena and at home know they will be getting their money’s worth regardless of what type of fight breaks out. Rogan dives into why Diaz is his favorite in the clip below:

“I like Nick Diaz. He can smack-talk and you can hear what he’s saying. Nick Diaz once, when he was fighting Robbie Lawler, and Robbie Lawler was a huge favorite going into this fight. Lawler was knocking people out, he was a beast. Still, to this day, he’s a beast. So Nick Diaz gets into the cage and just starts going, ‘Stockton, mother f****r!'”

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