Joe Rogan Totally DESTROYS Female Heckler During Stand Up!

Every single aspect of the presentation for Ultimate Fighting Championship’s broadcasts is crucial, from the lighting rigs to the people sitting cageside calling the action. One of the best to ever put on a headset and microphone outside the octagon is commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan is one of the voices of the UFC and just so happens to be one of the more influential figures in the mixed martial arts community. However, that’s just one of the hats Rogan wears. Along with being a podcast host, Rogan also sits atop the comedy world as one of the hottest acts in the world right now.

When attending a stand-up comedian’s show, it is best to simply keep your mouth shut and to sit on your hands. If you become a distraction and take your cell phone out during the show, chances are you will have a target on you and the comedian will have no choice but to verbally attack.

Rogan saw an unruly woman attend one of his shows and she was simply firing off at the mouth whenever she felt like it. She eventually became a distraction to the live audience. Rogan felt like it was time to take care of the situation, and take care of the situation he did:

How do you think he handled it?