Lobov Absolutely Unstoppable In Main Event, Cub Hits Him With Everything

Cub Swanson welcomed Artem Lobov into the octagon for his very first main event under the Ultimate Fighting Championship banner, and he wanted to make him pay for skipping the line. Lobov wanted to prove that he belongs in the main event spot and while he didn’t earn it, he wanted to do so in a war with Swanson.


The feeling out process was a frustrating one as neither fighter found a comfortable striking distance. Lobov tried to gain the upperhand when he landed a takedown, but Cub was able to bounce right back up to his feet. Both men landed their fair share of strikes but neither man had the momentum walking back to their corners after the round ended.

Swanson started to push the pace and a high kick wobbled Lobov badly at the start of the second. Swanson made sure not to blow his gas tank and took a step back to reassess the situation and choose when to attack next. Lobov sensed danger and tried to lock up Swanson by clinching him. The plan backfired as Swanson took him down to the mat, landing in Lobov’s half-guard.

Swanson took full mount before being given the back, working for a rear naked choke. Lobov was able to power his way to his feet to escape danger and bring the fight into the third round.

Lobov showed some resilience in the third round, pushing through a lot of power shots just so he could land one or two of his own. Swanson was relentless and consistent with his offense. Swanson landed a wheel kick that rocked Lobov, and his hands hung low with his back against the fence. Dean called for a breif halt in action and called for the referee to come in due to a cut on the eyelid.

The doctor ruled him okay to fight, and moments later Swanson went right back to his onslaught of power attacks. Swanson landed a bevy of shots and Lobov ate them, stayed standing straight before scoring a quick takedown just moments before the third round ended.

Lobov pushed the pace in the fourth round, pushing Swanson up against the fence while clinching him to pick up right where he left off at the end of round three. Swanson blocked the takedown, however, and the action eventually found its way back to the center of the octagon.

Swanson landed a devastating spinning back elbow, but Lobov, just like every power shot before, brushed it off and asked for more. Lobov finally showed some signs of being wobbled after Swanson cracked him with a left hook, but it wasn’t long before Artem was up straight and throwing strikes of his own.

Both men showed each other respect at the start of the final round, and Lobov went forward as soon as he could. Swanson stood his ground and refused to back down, countering with combinations of his own. Lobov, obviously exhausted, tried to push Swanson to the fence to work for a takedown but Swanson stayed standing and continued his attack.

Swanson tripped Lobov down to the mat to work for a submission, but Lobov got right back up to his feet where the fight ended.

Cub Swanson def. Artem Lobov by way of Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)

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