McGregor Camp Gives Timeline For UFC Return

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s biggest star in Conor McGregor may be making his return to the octagon sooner than most fans would think. McGregor has been trying to work out a deal with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his team to get the biggest fight in combats sports history to happen, and even though they are closer than ever in striking a deal it feels like it’s still a long way away from happening.

If the negotiations between McGregor and Mayweather fall through for whatever reason, it seems that fans of McGregor would not have to wait so long to see their favorite Irish fighter throw down inside the octagon. McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh recently sat down with News.Com.Au and expressed that Conor would likely step back into the octagon this year if plans with Mayweather didn’t happen:

“Let’s say Mayweather doesn’t want to do it, for whatever reason. Then I could see us fighting in MMA by the end of the summer, (for) the lightweight belt.”

“One thing you’ve got to understand about Conor — and this might rattle your bones is his motivation is not money when it comes to fighting. Right now, even with his ridiculous spending habits, he wouldn’t be able to spend his money by the time he retired. It’s not money that’s getting him up in the morning. It’s the competition.”

McGregor has not been seen in the octagon since he defeated Eddie Alvarez for his UFC Lightweight Championship at “UFC 205”. McGregor has now won all but one of his fights under the UFC banner and has yet to defend a single championship despite holding the featherweight and lightweight titles at one time.

Do you believe Conor McGregor should come back to the octagon sooner rather than later to defend his championship or is Dana White right in letting him chase other goals? Should Nate Diaz welcome McGregor back to the octagon for his return fight? Share your thoughts and make your predictions in the comment section below!