Mike Perry Goes Full Blast On “Raging” Al Iaquinta

“Raging” Al Iaquinta sat on the sidelines for nearly two years before he made his return to action at “UFC Fight Night 108” where he knocked Diego Sanchez out cold in the co-main event of the evening. Iaquinta was prepared to squash the differences between the UFC and himself, but that did not last long at all.

Once the bonuses for “UFC Fight Night 108” were revealed, Iaquinta was not happy with the fact that he was looked over. Al went off on the UFC, dishing out hate message after hate message on social media before the UFC found some unlikely backup from “Platinum” Mike Perry when he told Iaquinta to cool down via. Twitter. Perry went on to explain his tweet on “The MMA Hour“, saying:

“I was trying to offer the man some advice. The way I put it may have seemed disrespectful, but, didn’t he hop over the cage? You get fined in other places for doing things like that. You think you’re gonna get a bonus when you just run around disrespecting someone who’s paying your bills and thinks like that? You work hard for this thing.”

“Conduct yourself properly. You said, ‘F*** you’ to the people who are setting this up for you, you know what I mean? If you have a sour opportunity toward these people who are giving you the opportunity people dream for, then you need to fix your priorities.”