New Locker Room Footage Of A Whiskey Drinking Conor Celebrating A Big Win

New Locker Room Footage Of A Whiskey Drinking Conor Celebrating A Big Win, video below article.

Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo met inside the octagon at “UFC 194” in a bout that fans and fighters alike thought would be one of the greatest fights in the history of the sport. The animosity between the two made for the perfect buildup, and fans were excited to watch it spill over into a five round war.

By the time both fighters made their way to the center of the octagon, it was over. McGregor landed the first punch of the night and sent Aldo crashing to the canvas, out cold. The featherweight championship had changed hands in the blink of an eye and McGregor held his hands high above his head in victory.

The mixed martial arts community was shocked when Aldo was knocked out cold by Conor McGregor just thirteen seconds into their main event fight at “UFC 194”. The punch cost Aldo his featherweight championship and even though he regained it when he dominated Frankie Edgar at “UFC 200”, he never got to avenge his loss against Conor.

Needless to say, McGregor celebrated like a don after his win. Inside the octagon, his family and friends joined him for his post-fight interview and it didn’t take long for that celebration to spill into the locker room. Watch Conor toasts with his family and friends in the clip below:

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