Recovered From Near Fatal Motorcycle Wreck, This UFC Vet Is Ready For His Triumphant Return

When UFC lightweight Darrell Horcher made his UFC debut, it went largely unnoticed. He was called in to face Khabib Nurmagomedov and lost, as every man to face the Russian has.

In the coming months, and with three fights left on his UFC deal, the fighter suffered serious injuries after a near fatal motorcycle accident.

It’s taken him a year to recover from the crash, and though absent for more than 12 months, he’s still hoping those three UFC fights stand.

Talking to, the UFC fighter explained his plans moving forward:

“When they signed me to fight Khabib they (UFC) gave me a four-fight contract. I have three more fights with them, depending on performance. I got cleared at the beginning of March. As soon as I got cleared I was anxious to get something lined up. I’m your typical fighter. I wasn’t supposed to be doing anything but as of last September I started doing mitt work, bag work. By November I was doing light sparring. By December I was sparring with other fighters. January I was cleared to grapple. February I was doing grappling tournaments. So I’ve been training. I’m ready to go. I am training more now than I was training when they signed me for my fight. I’m looking for something this summer. End of June, or July I’m down for.”