Report: Reebok Paying “Considerably More” To Fighters Not Signed To The UFC

UFC signed a deal with Reebok that would make the apparel company the exclusive clothing brand of the octagon. Fighters are no longer allowed to wear any other brand of clothing during UFC sponsored events, essentially changing the landscape of how fighters get sponsored and make money.

While this deal has garnered a lot of backlash towards both the UFC and Reebok, it creates a steady cash flow for those who would normally not be able to obtain any sponsorship deals. Even though fighters cannot sign a deal with other companies to be represented inside the octagon, however, it seems Reebok is allowed to sponsor fighters outside of the UFC.

It was recently revealed that Reebok is sponsoring former UFC fighter Kyoji Horiguchi for his upcoming fights in Japan under the RIZIN banner and he might be making more than a lot of the UFC roster does from Reebok. Champions.Co recently revealed that their sources say Horiguchi is getting paid “considerably more” than he would have if he remained under contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Do you think the fighters of the octagon should simply get creative in order to find ways to make money, or should they adapt and possibly test the free agent market like Horiguchi did? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!