R.I.P. Charlie Murphy — 1959-2017

Popular comedian and actor Charlie Murphy, the brother of Eddie, has passed away at just fifty-seven years old. According to Charlie’s manager, he passed away from leukemia on Wednesday morning in a New York City Hospital. Before his passing, TMZ learned that he was undergoing chemotherapy for treatment.

Murphy has made a name for himself on the American stand-up comedy scene, but perhaps his greatest accomplishment in Hollywood will be landing a much-deserved spot on the cast of “Chappelle Show” which took the world by storm years ago.

Family members have spoken with TMZ about the shocking passing of the late comedian and they shared that they thought he was getting better. The family told TMZ they called Charlie often and “he’d even joke they were calling too much”.

Murphy established himself as one of the most popular comedians for different roles played on different skits on “Chappelle Show”, but perhaps his most famous were the True Hollywood Stories of Charlie Murphy where he went head to head with the likes of Prince and Rick James. Let’s hope he is partying with both of those legends right now. We here at MMA Imports would like to offer our condolences to the family of Murphy in this rough time.