Gina Carano Breaks Her Silence On United Airlines Fiasco

Even though she has not strapped on a pair of gloves in years, Gina Carano continues to be a powerful force in the world of mixed martial arts. Her fights with Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino helped elevate not just women’s mixed martial arts, but the entire sport as a whole.

Carano may just have eight fights to her name, but the fighter-turned-actress has made a permanent imprint on the community and they will always welcome her back with open arms. Carano chimes in on crazy occurrences in the world of mixed martial arts every now and again, but it appears she felt the need to drop her own two-cents about the United Airlines incident.

Dr. David Dao was randomly selected by the computer as a customer who would be asked to leave the plane so United employees could get to the next airport to help out an understaffed flight. Dao had paid for his seat and did not leave the plane after being asked to by attendants. In response to this, United called the Chicago police and had the doctor forcefully removed from his seat to the point where he was bleeding from his lip.

Now, Carano has this to say about the messy situation:

Now, nobody handled this situation well. Should the doctor just have stood up and willingly stepped off the plane? Did United Airlines take it too far? Should they have called the police? Let us know how you would have handled the situation in the comment section below.