Shots Fired! Magana Destroys Cris Cyborg In New Call Out

Ultimate Fighting Championship shocked the MMA community when they revealed they had signed Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino to a contract that would eventually bring her to the octagon. “Cyborg” impressed in her debut when she knocked Leslie Smith out in less than three minutes, quickly becoming one of the most popular female fighters on the roster despite not having a weight-class to call home.

Since then, however, “Cyborg’s” career inside the octagon has left more to be desired. While she did blast through another competitor, her opponent was not ranked and was making her octagon debut. Shortly thereafter, “Cyborg” was notified of a flagged test from USADA and even though she was cleared of any wrongdoing, her momentum has since floundered.

“Cyborg” has made it a point to remain active on social media trying to talk her way into a title fight with Germaine De Randamaie, aiming for a five-round bout at “UFC 214”. De Randamaie has yet to respond, however, and UFC officials have made it known that this fight is far from official.

It appears that another female fighter is getting sick of Cyborg’s relentlness presence on social media as Angela Magana fired back at “Cyborg” recently, saying: “#yourmajesty put thinking glasses on & began pondering why Cyborg can forever & always cheat,smile & get away with it.Bitch like you didn’t know you need a TUE?? #hmmm ??”

What do you make of this rivalry we have going on here?