Should Ronda Return To Fighting? Holly Holm Says, ‘No’

Ronda Rousey went from being one of the most popular athletes in the world to becoming a non-factor in the weight class she dominated for years. Rousey tore through each and every competitor in the octagon before finally meeting her match in Holly Holm at “UFC 193”.

Holm proved to be a tough challenger for Rousey’s throne early on, ducking and dodging the majority of shots the champion threw her way. Rousey ate a lot of shots in the first and went back to her corner in between rounds to reassess the situation. Mentally, Holm had already defeated Rousey. Rousey marched back to the center of the octagon only to get knocked out in brutal fashion, suffering the first loss of her professional career.

After nearly a year away from the octagon, Rousey made her return at “UFC 207” where she was brutally knocked out once again, this time by Amanda Nunes. Holly Holm recently spoke with Straits Times to talk about Rousey’s situation and whether or not she should retire:

“I think that any fighter should only fight if they want to fight, otherwise they are not going to do well in there anyway. If she doesn’t have it in her heart to want to keep doing it, I don’t think she should (attempt a comeback). I hope she is not just not fighting because of the two losses.”