Snoop Names The Greatest UFC Fighter Of All Time, Says ‘He’s a bad motherf**ker’

Ultimate Fighting Championship has a legion of celebrity fans, but perhaps one celebrity who is more of a man of the people than others is Snoop Dogg. While names like Tom Brady and Conan O’Brien are featured in the list of celebrity investors of the company after WME-IMG took over, Snoop is simply a fan of the fights and enjoys sitting cageside for some of the most high-profile scraps the company has to offer.

Snoop has been featured in a number of official YouTube videos making hilarious comments about upcoming main event fighter’s highlights, but TMZ Sports sat down with the rapper and asked him something a tad more serious. Instead of commentating over clips of fighters, Snoop was asked about who he thought was one of the baddest dudes to ever step foot inside the octagon:

Jon “Bones” Jones has established himself as an all-time great already, and his career could just be getting started. It seems that Jones is always trying to make a comeback from something controversial, however. Most recently, Jones is waiting for his suspension stemming from his “UFC 200” drug test failure to expire so he can make another triumphant return to the cage.

Let’s just hope he won’t have to suffer another hang-up like this again. If Jon Jones is the greatest fighter of all time, does that mean D.C. would take that title if he were to win their next encounter? Would you even consider Jones to be at the top of the all-time greats list? If not, who would you have chosen? Let us know your answer in the comment section below!