Source: UFC Champ Germaine De Randamie Eyeing Retirement, Won’t Defend Belt

Sorry Cyborg, looks like you won’t be getting that grudge match after all.

And it’s not like we can blame the UFC champ, Germaine de Randamie, for wanting to retire with that shiny gold belt around her waste. Any options for her involving Cyborg would likely see her one and done as a champ.

And, while these rumors are currently unsubstantiated, the source of it is very valid and credible.

To find out the dirt on the female champ, we look no further than former champion Holly Holm, who just hit facebook with the news she has heard.

Holm stated,

Rumor has it that Germaine de Randamie wants to retire. I hope that isn’t true; She is a true warrior, however – I want my belt. Looking forward to a rematch!

If true, this would set the UFC’s new featherweight division back pretty substantially.