The Top 10 UFC Fighter Tweet And Deletes Of All-Time

Being an athlete in the modern age can be difficult. College football players going into the National Football League have lost out on millions just because of a tweet a scout found from years ago, insulting what would have been their new home team in the pros.

Living as an athlete/celebrity in this day and age has to be one of the most difficult things. The age of privacy is gone, and whatever a celebrity is going could be broadcasted live on Instagram or Facebook by a diehard fan or paparazzi.

In a sport as young as mixed martial arts, fighters are always under the microscope for what they do our say. Every single tweet has to looked through with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they aren’t triggering any negative feedback from sensitive people.

There are other times where fighters said something downright stupid and their management had to tell them to delete the tweet before somebody saw it. However, it’s getting increasingly easier to capture whatever you see on your screen the moment you see it, keeping it in the history books long after the Twitter account deleted their embarrassing tweet. Check out some of the best tweet-and-deletes of all time:

Which one was you favorite?