This Fighter Just Got Popped For Weed, Two More Also Fail Drug Tests

If you thought the UFC was the only show in town handing out bans for pot, you my friend are wrong. Mexico’s number one MMA promotion, Combate is also laying down the hammer for failed drug tests.

Rising female atomweight prospect Alesa Zappitella was flagged for having marijuana in her system. As such, the fighter will be forced on the shelf for 60 days. That in itself isn’t too bad, but her latest win was also turned into a DQ loss, and that stings.

Two more fighters who recently fought for Combate were also flagged for drugs. Randy Steinke and Chad Dietmeye are both suspended as well, though Dietmeye is out indefinitely. The results of their drug tests have not been revealed to the public and it is currently unknown what they failed for.

Fight clean, fight fair!