Three Female Officers Attempt To Arrest One Man, Fail

Sometimes things simply do not go as planned. For this group of Swedish police officers, it was about to be a poorly planned day. As seen in video captured by a nearby bystander, and first reported by, the police officers were attempting to apprehend a single individual.

Outnumbering the man three to one, the officers still faced some serious struggle in apprehending the individual. The police officers even received some unexpected assistance from a nearby bystander, who tackled the individual to the group.

After tackling him, one of the police officers drew the bystander away from the scene, as the fellow officers failed to subdue the downed individual. The man sprung to his feet once again and continued causing a scene.

Eventually, the man can be seen simply walking out of frame. The police officers casually pursued the individual, though they did not manage to successfully subdue him on camera.