Watch Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Kicking Techniques

Bruce Lee is an individual difficult to nail down with titles. Martial artist, philosopher, founder of Jeet Kune Do, martial arts film star and world icon Bruce Lee has touched nearly every facet of martial art culture.

Famous for his individualistic approach to the arts, Bruce Lee has cultivated a style all his own. Still, many try to emulate the legendary martial artist. In a recent video, the top ten kicks from Bruce Lee’s various films have been finalized and organized for viewing pleasure.

The video includes clips from Lee’s most acclaimed films, illuminating the film star’s poised, choreographed striking.

The martial artist is one of the most acclaimed and rejoiced individuals among martial arts fans in the modern era. Still, new views into the fighter’s style surface regularly. Now, a look into the top ten kicks from the legend can be added among them.