UFC Fighter Speaks Out On His Opponent Taking A Bribe To Lose Their Fight

Leo Kuntz’s three round scrap with Tae Hyun Bang took place at UFC Fight Night 79 in 2015, and it is currently the talk of the mixed martial arts community for all the wrong reasons.

Reports have been coming out that “Fighter A”, who is safe to assume is Bang, agreed to take the dive by brokers to get a major payoff in his fight against Leo Kuntz. The odds swayed heavily in the favor of Bang which raised the eyebrows of several UFC officials who went to talk to Kuntz about this scrap. Check out what Kuntz had to say to MMA Fighting about the mishap below:

“At that time, I had no idea what was going on. I’m not a gambler. I mean, I like to play poker, things like that, but I’m not a sports gambler, so I had no idea this was a major red flag that there was something going on with the fight being fixed.”

“I wasn’t aware at the time that most of the times, when the betting lines change, it’s because a huge bet came in. Even after the UFC came and talked to me… they didn’t even grow on me very much because the bet was put down on me. They were pretty certain I had nothing to do with it.”

“To be honest, at the time, they talked to me when I was having my hands wrapped. We’re talking about an hour or two before I’m about to make my walk out. At that point, I’m not really thinking about anything. I’m just thinking hey, this is good for me just because it’s getting my name out there, even though something controversial. It’s still good for me as well.”