UFC Fighters React To Swanson’s One Sided Win Over Lobov

Going into the fight, Cub Swanson wanted to prove to the world that Artem Lobov did not belong inside the octagon with such elite talent. In the end of their five round war, however, it seemed that Swanson gained a lot of respect for the unranked featherweight warrior as Lobov ate everything Cub could throw at him only to keep walking forward.

The fight kicked off relatively evenly with Lobov outstriking Swanson. Lobov simply threw caution to the wind and went forward from the get go while Swanson wanted to ease himself into the fight; Cub did not throw a lot in the opening round, but it wasn’t long before he picked his opponent apart.

Lobov pushed forward at the same pace and simply attacked right down the middle. Swanson, on the other hand, started to change levels in the second round and attacked from various angles to keep Lobov guessing.

Lobov did not guess where he should block correctly often, as he was battered, bruised, and bloodied by the time the final round had ended. See what fighters of the octagon had to say about his war of a main event:

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