UFC Results: Elliott Defeats The Hawaiian In FOX Opener

Tim Elliott and Louis Smolka kicked off the action for the televised portion of the preliminary bouts with their flyweight contest.


Elliott took Smolka down to the mat right away and nearly secured a guillotine choke, but Smolka showed game defense and got right back up to his feet. Smolka threw Elliott down to the mat but Elliott was able to reverse it into a takedown of his own. It didn’t take long for Smolka to get up before they went right back down.

Smolka worked hard for a kimura but the body shots from Elliott forced him to abandon the hold. Smolka was taken right back down to the mat where Elliott worked hard for submission after submission, switching from the D’Arce Choke to a guillotine. Again, Smolka showed game defense and escaped the holds.

Elliott landed his third takedown within four minutes, but it was Smolka who ended up on top closer to the end of the round. Both fighters gave it their all in the opening round making for a level playing field once the second round kicked off.

Elliott was quick to slam another takedown in the second round, but Smolka got right back up to his feet. Elliott was able to take Smolka down to the mats yet again where he attempted a rear naked choke; Smolka’s arm was inside the hold next to his neck, however, so Elliott was again forced to abandon the hold. A scramble led to another successful takedown attempt for Elliott who slowed his role this time, making sure to simply establish time on top position.

Elliott worked Smolka into a comfortable lull and worked his way into a mounted guillotine. Smolka, just like he had all around, defended brilliantly and made it to the end of the round.

Elliott resumed his grueling pace of grappling and Smolka did a fantastic job adapting. Still, Elliott was first in nearly every encounter. After getting taken down three times in the round, Smolka tried his hardest to work Elliott into a D’Arce Choke, but Elliott showed game submission defense himself.

These two kept the grueling pace for the entire fight and this could easily be an early contender for fight of the night.

Tim Elliott def. Louis Smolka by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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