Anderson Silva’s Retirement Halting Demands Are Steep, Will The UFC Comply?

Earlier this afternoon UFC legend Anderson Silva issued a profanity laced statement aimed directly at the UFC and UFC President Dana White.

Insisting he’s done with fighting, thanking his fans for their support and cussing out Dana White and the UFC, Silva then went on to say that there is but one thing that will keep him from retiring.

An interim title shot against Yoel Romero for the middleweight interim UFC world title.

Outside of satisfying that single demand, Silva is not interested. Insisting he wants the UFC to leave him alone and stating he will have his attorney’s review his contract.

But will the UFC pair the aging legend against the division’s #1 contender in Yoel Romero is the question. Many think Silva has talked himself into a corner, and most insiders are currently unsure if the UFC has any interest in giving into these demands.

Stay tuned.