Angela Magana Challenges Gabi Garcia To A Boxing Match, Calls Her A Senior Citizen Abuser

The confrontation between Cris Cyborg and UFC 115lb female Angela Magana from this past weekends UFC Athlete Retreat is still boiling over on social media. It got physical over the weekend when Cyborg punched Magana after confronting her over some mean spirited Instagram posts, but Magana isn’t ready to back down just yet.

Earlier today she challenged Cyborg to step onto the mats with her in a Gi jiu jitsu match, but now that Gabi Garcia has interjected herself into the situation, Magana says she’ll gladly step into the ring with her for a boxing match. While known for having some of the most ferocious Brazilian jiu jitsu in the world, Garcia hasn’t displayed very competent striking skills, especially in a competitive environment.

Magana jumped on Instagram to lay out the challenge to Garcia earlier today.

#yourmajesty is down for a match #senorcitizenabuser #howdareyou #swinggorillaswing

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