Bec Rawlings First UFC Female To Announce Interest In New Division

UFC strawweight fighter “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings has made no secret of the fact that cutting down to 115 pounds, to make UFC weight, has not been fun or ideal.

In fact, several UFC women speak out against the lack of a UFC flyweight home, for the athletes who need the extra 10 pounds.

Additionally, some UFC females currently fighting at bantamweight remain undersized for that division, making their shift to a 125 pound weigh-class a likely possibility, as well.

With today’s news that the UFC is adding a 125 female weight-class, Bec Rawlings has become the first UFC female to publicly announce plans to make the jump up in weight.

The UFC announced that they will select an all-female 125 pound TUF class to compete for the division’s first ever world title.

Here’s how Bec threw her name in the hat: