Comedian Tells Jon Jones Jokes, To Jon Jones

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones once visited ESPN and was forced to sit next to a comic while he told jokes about him.

Steve Braband, of ESPN,  was the comedian who told the jokes to the former UFC champion.

“Hey, Will Smith called. He wants his Men in Black wardrobe back,” Braband said while sitting next to Jones.

“Why don’t you wear pants when you fight? Does UFC stand for underwear fun celebration,” Braband said while Jones looked unamused.

Eventually, Jones was tired of the jokes and he tipped the comedian’s chair over forcing him to fall to the ground.

“Your jokes are weaker than Rashad Evans chin,” Jones said as he walked away.

However, the comedian said one last joke that forced Jones to come back and give him one more hit for good measure.

“You hit like you’re in the WWE,” Braband said.

Below, you can listen to every joke made about Jones, and also watch how the former champion reacted.