Conor’s Coach Breaks His Silence On The Signing Of The Mayweather Contract

Owen Roddy, the striking coach for UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor, recently shared his thoughts on McGregor’s potential debut in the sport of boxing.

This week, McGregor confirmed he had agreed to terms to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather in a boxing match. However, Mayweather has yet to accept a deal so the fight in not yet official.

Roddy talked to and discussed McGregor’s preparation for his boxing debut.

“I was just with Conor yesterday for some training and he’s just excited,” Roddy said. “He just wants to get it on. I’m sure he’s happy with whatever he has signed, but I really think he’s more excited about the fight in general. To be able to do something like this unbelievable.

“Conor wants to do things that have never been done before. This is just another moment in his career where he defies all the odds and gets the job done.

“Since his first fight, he’s always been aiming to achieve these incredible feats. This will be another one.”

Roddy also went on to give some insight on when the historic boxing match could take place.

“There are some definite dates floating about, but I really can’t tell you what they are,” Roddy said.

“We’ve been told certain dates, but it will definitely be this year. Fingers crossed, once the other side gets things done everybody will be happy and then it will be another big extravaganza for fans.

“I’m sure it will be another historic night for the Irish fans to witness.”