Cyborg Fires Back — Accuses Magana Of Sexual Harassment

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino believes she is not the only victim when it comes to her situation with Angela Magana.

This past weekend, at the UFC Athlete Retreat, Justino assaulted Magana after confronting her about insulting posts on social media. Magana had recently posted pictures mocking Justino’s appearance. As a result, Justino punched Magana.

Since the incident, Magana has pressed charges against Justino.

However, Justino believes she is a victim of sexual harassment.

Even though she was punched due to her social media posts, Magana has not stopped insulting the former champion on Twitter.

Recently, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia has been defending “Cyborg” on Twitter. Magana responded to Sylvia saying, “Why you sucking cyborgs (expletive).”

“There needs to be an internal procedure to deal with this type of continued sexual harassment,” Justino tweeted to both the UFC and WME.

An argument can be made that Magana also harassed Justino over her appearance when she posted a photo of “Cyborg” comparing her to the Jigsaw character from the “Saw” movies.