Magana Breaks Her Silence — ‘I’m suing Cris Cyborg … She’s Getting Charges Upgraded To Felony Assault’

UFC strawweight Angela Magana recently discussed her incident with Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino and what she plans to do as a result of her being assaulted by the former champion.

At the UFC Athlete Retreat, Justino assaulted Magana after the fighter had made fun of Justino’s appearance on social media. Justino confronted Magana about the posts and punched her.

In an interview with TMZ, Magana was asked if she felt a crime was committed against her.

“One-hundred percent,” Magana responded.

Magana was then asked if she is going to be suing Justino.

“Of course. Most definitely,” Magana said. “I have medical bills. I’m not going to pay those.”

Magana was later asked what she believes the UFC should do to “Cyborg” after the incident.

“Honesty I haven’t even thought about that, and with you asking me now, the first thing that pops into my head is whatever they deem fit,” Magana said.

“I’ve thought more about what’s going to happen criminally. I have another interview with the DA this afternoon. I’ve been talking to them and they are going to be pressing assault charges.”

Magana then responded to people who say she had it coming because she was bullying Justino.

“People are accusing me of cyber bullying, but how many fighters would be in trouble for that,” Magana said.

“You have to have some type of mental toughness or mental dexterity to be a fighter. Especially in this day of age with things like Twitter and social media, and she gets what she has coming. She’s a cheater.”

Magana finished her interview with one last statement to “Cyborg”.

“You (expletive) up big time,” Magana said. “You can’t do what you did.”