Former UFC Executive: ‘Dana lost his power to run the UFC to the new owners’

2017 marks the first full calendar year under the UFC’s new ownership. And, so far fight fans aren’t too happy with their decision making, or their fight cards.

One need look no further than the near record low T.V. ratings in 2017’s first quarter as clear-cut proof WME/IMG hasn’t found their footing yet. Additionally, the departure of Mike Goldberg, Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell also sent shockwaves through the MMA world when they were announced.

Safe to say, we hope the new owners know what they’re doing.

In a new interview with Ariel Helwani, former UFC Vice President of Fighter relations Matt Hughes flat out told it like it was… Dana White has lost the majority of his power within the company, and that’s signaling all these changes.

Matt stated, “I don’t think Dana is able to run the UFC like he used to. He sold so much of it that he just doesn’t have that kind of control.”

“I was still a little surprised. But, I totally get what happened. When you have a corporate buyout like that, that’s what happens. They start figuring out how to save money.”

“I wish things were different, I’m human…”

The two dive deep on the subject and we’ve taken the liberty of placing a hold on the start time of the subject in the player below.