Goldberg Messes Up UFC Intro, Loses It And Starts Cussing During Live Broadcast

Longtime color commentating veteran Mike “Goldie” Goldberg made his final ringside appearance for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at UFC 207. After the sale of the fighting promotion, the announcer was one of many to be let go.

However, the announcer made a storied career with the mixed martial arts promotion before it came to an end. UFC 145 took place in 2012, with Jon Jones taking on Rashad Evans in the night’s Atlanta, Georgia main event.

During the event, Mike Goldberg had one of his more heated career moments. After making a few errors in the opening announcements for the night, the commentator had a moment of frustration.

The moment can be heard in the audio below. Goldberg announces the main event with ease, but then stumbles when attempting to announce the co-main event competitors. After that, the color commentator faces a moment of stress.