Nate Diaz Reacts To UFC’s Latest Offer Of Interim Title Shot

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Nate Diaz has been going back and forth with the UFC president over his return to the octagon. Recently, Nate Diaz appeared on a special edition of The MMA Hour to reveal that he may be taking 2017 off from the sport.

Diaz also revealed that he was offered to face Tony Ferguson, but that his requirements were not met for the potential bout. In a recent interview with ESPN, Diaz decided to delve into the topic. “If you’re trying to pull me out of a normal life right now, I’m not doing it for a fake title at 155 pounds.

“I told them I’d take the fight at 165 pounds, no belt. I’m not interested in losing a bunch of weight for no reason.” Daiz explained. The fighter then revealed that the UFC never retorted to his counter offer.

“We never talked after that. It’s really not a problem for me, though. You’re trying to call me out of my life. I didn’t call you begging for a fight. I’m fine with taking a fight, but I’m telling you what it’s going to take.” Diaz said.