“I know how Bruce Lee Really Died…” – Chuck Norris

Bruce Lee is by far one of the most iconic figures in the world of martial arts.

His martial arts techniques, along with his appearances in movies and television shows, made Lee a household name.

Tragically, at just 32 years old, Lee passed away. With him being so young, many rumors and theories have been spread about the legends untimely death.

Fellow martial arts legend Chuck Norris was a friend of Lee’s and claims to know what really caused his death. Here is what Norris says caused Lee’s death:

“So what happened, when he was in Hong Kong, preparing for his next movie, he was working with a girl named Betty. He got a severe headache. So Betty gave him some antibiotics for the headache, and with the medication he had taken for his back, they reacted to each other and made his brain swell up and created an aneurysm or ruptured blood cells in his brain, and that’s actually what happened.”

In the video above, you can here Norris talk about his relationship with Lee as well as discuss his death.