Kevin Lee: ‘Conor McGregor’s New Son Will Be His Downfall’

So, the UFC has the lightweight fighter, his name is Kevin Lee. And while most casual fight fans may have been hard pressed to remember who he actually is, last Friday’s press-conference fight against Michael Chiesa insured his name will go down in the history books.

Now Kevin is taking full advantage of his new spotlight and tells TMZ what he really thinks about Conor McGregor having a new son.

Lee told them:

“Conor’s going to sit there and try and hold onto that belt. I don’t know what he’s doing. But, I hope he has a good life.”

“He just had a a baby. he’s got a girl, and all that. Kudos to him. Enjoy all that sh*t. But don’t come back [to the UFC].”

“I ain’t got no kids. I ain’t got no wife. I ain’t got no girl. I ain’t got none of that. This is what the f*ck I do.”

“Every time he’s feeding his baby mushed up bananas, them potatoes, changing diapers, whatever. I’m studying film, I’m on the road. Im running… Every-time he do that shit I’m pushing for his spot.”