Luke Rockhold Blasts “Freak Show” UFC — ‘I want titles, or a release from my contract’

“I’ve been offered a fight and I don’t understand it, exactly. They offered me Mousasi and they haven’t even signed Mousasi yet. How do I sign a contract when the guy is not even signed to the company? It’s interesting, I like the fight, but I’m not going to go fight the best guys in the world without getting closer to a title, or a title shot. I want my shot at the belt and I’m not just going to keep fighting these guys for nothing.”

“But, we’ll see what happens. If they put a title on the line, an interim title, or make the champion actually fight a contender then I’d actually be happy to sign for a fight and moving forward and do something. Until then, you have Yoel Romero waiting for a title shot, you got the Whittaker kid thinking he’s in line for a title shot, Mousasi is the only one who is talking about fighting right now.”

“I don’t need to fight, I’m building a house, I got other things going on, I want to fight, but, it’s got to be right. The time has to be right. We are the heart and soul of the division, every guy in the division is not fighting. Everybody is waiting for a title shot and Mousasi is the only one pushing to make a fight happen.”

“If they get their shit together and make something happen, I’ll be glad to sign a fight, but they need to fucking straighten their shit out and make something happen.”

“The company is kind of losing it these days. I don’t know what happened to the old company where the best fighters fought the best and what built this company. Now they just, it’s a spectator sport, they are just putting freak shows together.”

“If it’s just money fights, I’ll do that somewhere else, fuck. You can let me go of my contract and I can go fight big money fights somewhere else. I’m here in this company to fight for titles, and if there is no path to that, I’m out, let me go.”

Yea… That was long!

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold just put the entire UFC on blast for putting on these freak show fights and holding up divisions.

Everyone is itching for the UFC stars to come out in 2017, so far though this has been the worst ratings year in several years. 2016 marked the companies best ever financial year, and they’re nowhere near the mark this deep into 2017.

With more and more fighters speaking out, is the UFC in the midst of a power shift?

[Quote via The MMA Hour]