R.I.P. UFC Veteran Nick Catone’s Son Passes Away, And It’s So Very Sad

Nick Catone and his son.

As UFC fans we didn’t really start to experience loss until 2016. Last year, we saw several soldiers fall too young, and not just up-and-coming fighters, but real bonafide legends of our sport.

Losses are always hard to wrap our heads around, and the thought of it seems completely unbearable.

Such is the case though, in this tragic write up about UFC veteran Nick Catone.

Nick, who fought for the UFC eight times between 2009 and 2014, young son has passed away.

His top-shelf talent saw him go 3-4 in his stint with the UFC, and he went out on a win before calling it a career, at UFC 169. However, his losses in the octagon pale in comparison to what he’s currently dealing with.

Details are still coming in about today’s tragedy, but Nick himself took to his facebook account with the photo above and the message below.

He stated,“Today is the worst day of my life. I am absolutely devastated! ?”, just 11 hours ago, at the time of this report.

Since then social media has been in tears, with sincere condolences to the Catone family.

We too at MMAImports deeply regret this report and send positive vibes to all impacted, during this tragic time.

R.I.P. little champ.

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