And Still! Joanna Puts On Beautifully Violent Performance In Latest Title Defense

On Saturday, the UFC hosted one of its biggest events of the year as UFC 211 took place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Two titles are set to be defended in the lone star state. In the main event, UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic will defend his title against Junior dos Santos.

In the co-main event, UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk attempted to defend her title for the fifth time as she fought Jessica Andrade.

Jedrzejczyk was the first to throw strikes to start this title fight. The champion threw multiple strikes while Andrade chose her shots more methodically. Both fighters managed to land hard blows on each other. Andrade then shot for a takedown. The challenger managed to lift up the champion and forced her to the mat. Jedrzejczyk fought her way back to her feet and began throwing knees. Both fighters separated and began exchanging shots once again. Jedrzejczyk began landing the cleaner strikes. The round ended with Andrade landing a takedown by the champion immediately got back to her feet.

The champion started the second round with landing multiple leg kicks. Andrade attempted to close the distance but Jedrzejczyk continued to use leg kicks to keep her at bay. Jedrzejczyk continued to use her reach to keep the challenger away from her. Andrade tried her best to close the distance but struggled to hit the champion. Eventually, Andrade closed the distance and briefly took the champion down, but Jedrzejczyk again immediately got to her feet. The champion landed a perfect head kick but the champion ate it and took her down. The round ended with the champion getting back to her feet.

The third round started with both fighters landing leg kicks. Jedrzejczyk once again began landing strike at will, while Andrade struggled to close the distance. The champion kept throwing kicks to keep the challenger away. Whenever Andrade would get close, Jedrzejczyk would land punches. The round finished with the champion looking superior as the challenger struggled to close the distance. At the final seconds, Andrade landed a takedown, but Jedrzejczyk got right back up.

The fourth round started like the others with the champion using leg kicks against her challenger. Jedrzejczyk began throwing more punches in the fourth round. Andrade became less aggressive and the champion landed at will. Andrade eventually got the champion up against the cage. Andrade tried to Jedrzejczyk down but she had little success. The round ended with Jedrzejczyk landing clean punches and kicks to Andrade’s head, but the challenger continued to move forward and tried to create offense.

The final round began with Jedrzejczyk landing a plethora of punches. Andrade was the aggressor but still struggled to close the distance. Whenever the challenger got close, the champion would move out of the way, or land a punch or leg kick. Jedrzejczyk remained to be dominant for the entirety of the final round.

Official Result:

Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Jessica Andrade by unanimous decision