UFC Fighter Releases Private Text Conversation With USADA, Says He’s High

Ever since the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) adopted USADA for its anti-doping policy enforcement, mixed martial arts competitors have been adjusting to new rules and standards that have been set by the organization.

Now, it would appear that UFC’s Neil “2 Tap” Seery has decided to reveal a recent transaction he had with USADA. After being asked to provide his location, the fighter responded with “I’m in my (expletive) house stoned out of my head with loads of kids doing my head in. Please help.”

The initial text from the USADA organization reads, “UFC Athlete Express: We noticed that you have not logged into your account for several days. This is a friendly reminder to login to your account to make sure that your whereabouts are still accurate.”

After the conversation, Seery decided to post the text transaction to his social media account. Over Twitter, the fighter said “My answer to usada text first thing this morning ?.” Neil Seery is coming off of a unanimous decision loss to Kyoji Horiguchi at UFC Fight Night 87 last year.