UFC Fighter’s Girlfriend Fought While Pregnant

According to a report coming from MMAFighting.com’s Guilherme Cruz, UFC fighter Johnny Eduardo’s girlfriend once fought in the cage while pregnant with their child.

Under normal circumstances, doing anything that could endanger a pregnancy is frowned upon, cage fighting is likely atop that list.

Fortunately though, this was an unintentional misstep, as the couple had no clue she was pregnant at the time of the fight.

Cruz’s report reads:

Days after his second-round victory over Manny Gamburyan in November, Eduardo flew to Finland to corner his girlfriend Vanessa Melo in MMA fight. Melo was fighting Suvi Salmimies at Cage 37, but no one knew that Melo got pregnant days before the bout.

“I’m already a father of three girls (Julia, Juliana and Lorena), and my girlfriend is pregnant,” Eduardo told MMA Fighting. “It happened, we weren’t expecting it. She’s also an athlete, a MMA fighter, and we went to Finland to compete. She fought while pregnant [laughs].

“She had no idea she was pregnant. If I knew it, I wouldn’t never let her do it. That’s crazy [laughs].”

Melo and the baby girl are fine, and Eduardo embraces fatherhood a fourth time — his fourth daughter.