UFC Legend Matt Hughes Targets Delta Airlines For Recent Controversy Over Seats

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion and mixed martial arts legend Matt Hughes has taken to Twitter to question the recent incident involving Delta Airline. The former champion is looking for an explanation.

“Hey @Delta, can you explain this please??” Matt Hughes posted, alongside an article concerning the incident. Last month, the airline removes a family from their flight. As reported by FOX 29, the family was removed from the plane when they refused to give up the seat for one of their children.

As transcribed by FOX 29, one of the family members had an argument with the Delta officials. “I paid for the seat,” Schear repeatedly says.

“With him being two, he cannot be in a car seat…. He can no longer occupy that seat. It’s your choice. We can all sit here all night,” says the Delta representative.