Wise Words From Nate Diaz On Why He Has No Reason To Fight Anybody… At All

UFC lightweight competitor Nate Diaz recently spent some time with Ariel Helwani in a special 90 minute edition of The MMA Hour. During the interview, Nate Diaz revealed that he is considering taking the year off from the UFC.

During the interview, Nate Diaz stated “As of right now, there’s nothing going on. If you guys want me to fight someone, all you got to do is call and ask. But I’m enjoying just chilling. That’s what we fight for. To make it to the times where we don’t have to do anything.”

The fighter initially accepted an offer to fight Tony Ferguson, but later turned it down when his terms were not met. Then, the fighter offers some wisdom as to why he has decided to take some time away from the sport.

Senior editor of MMA Fighting Shaheen Al-Shatti recently took to Twitter to quote the mixed martial artist on his recent wisdom into his decision to take some time away from the sport. The quote may be viewed below.