50-0 on the Cards for Mayweather against McGregor?

Conor McGregor will be bidding to do what no boxer has been able to accomplish on August 26 by inflicting the first defeat on Floyd Mayweather’s professional career. The mega fight between arguably the biggest name in MMA and Mayweather was finally confirmed earlier this month but it came as no surprise as it was always going to be a case of when, not if.

Conor McGregor via Twitter

McGregor has been training to box for a number of months now as videos of the Irishman in a boxing ring have appeared on social media. He will no doubt be studying hours of footage of Mayweather over the next couple of months to try to find some weaknesses in the welterweight.

The Challenge Ahead for McGregor

The bookmakers simply do not give McGregor much hope. Mayweather is the long odds-on favourite at 1/7, while the MMA fighter can be backed at odds of 5/1. In the method of victory betting, McGregor is 7/1 to win by stoppage; surely his best chance of a result.

One of the most popular selections, as found at http://www.thebookiesoffers.co.uk/mayweather-mcgregor-betting-tips, is for the fight not to last the distance, which is 8/13. That is a safe bet as not only do you have the McGregor stoppage in your favour but, if he is out of his depth against Mayweather, he is unlikely to hear the final bell.

If you are looking to put a case together for McGregor winning this clash, age is definitely a factor you can argue in favour of the Irishman, who will be 11 years younger than Mayweather when they meet in the ring. The American will have been inactive for just short of two years so is unlikely to be in peak condition, whereas McGregor has had four competitive fights since Mayweather retired, his most recent being a victory over Eddie Alvarez.

Boxing News via Twitter

The Legend of Mayweather

When you look back through Mayweather’s career, it is hard not to be impressed with what he achieved. He has been in the ring with some of the biggest names of the last couple of decades with victories over Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosely, Saul Alvarez, and Manny Pacquaio. There have been moments when he has been rocked. Hatton famously did so in their encounter in 2007 before he was stopped in the 10th round. If McGregor can catch him clean, it will be very interesting to see how Mayweather reacts at the age of 40.

The result of this fight is very much going to depend on how much Mayweather wants the win and if he has underestimated his Irish opponent. If he goes into the ring with any complacency, it will fall right into the hands of McGregor, who will be in perfect shape and ready to take advantage. One thing is for sure, it is a fight nobody will want to miss and an opportunity for an MMA star to really make a name for himself outside of UFC, as a victory over Mayweather would really shake up and stun the boxing world.