BREAKING: Johny Hendricks Just Missed Weight … AGAIN … This Time As A Middleweight

Habitual weight-limit violator Johny Hendricks is not only bad about his weight management, he’s habitual.

The former UFC welterweight champion all but got kicked out of his former division due to his weight management issues. Now at middleweight, Johny has missed weight again.

Set to fight Tim Boetsch on tomorrow night’s UFC main card, the former UFC champion weighed in 3 pounds over the 185 pound mark. Even with the 1 pound allotted allowance, Hendricks missed the mark considerably. (His official weight has been logged at 185 pounds)

At the time of this report, it’s unclear if he will be allowed to cut the additional weight to make the bout official, or if concessions will need to be made in order to allow this fight to proceed.

It’s shocking, but should we be surprised?

Stay tuned….