Celebrity Bodybuilder Gets Shook, No-Shows Fight Date With Garbrandt, And The Champ Was There And Waiting

Professional bodybuilder Matthew Kline Kader challenged Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt to a fight over social media. Following the challenge, “No Love” provided his home address to the individual. While Kader revealed that he had purchased a plane ticket to meet the UFC bantamweight champion at his home, it would appear that the professional bodybuilder was not present at their scheduled meetup for the challenge.

As seen in the video below, it would appear that Matthew Kline Kader was not present for his challenge with Cody “No Love” Garbrant. However, Garbrandt seems to have been ready and willing to meet the challenging body builder.

You can see Cody’s tweets below and get a full summary of this altercation in the video featured above.