Dana White Pranks UFC CFO Hard … Makes Him Sit At Child Size Desk For A Full Month

When they’re not busy making fights, the UFC brass likes to have a good time.

UFC President Dana White recently revealed some of the pranks he has played on some of the key members of the UFC corporation.

During an interview, White revealed his favorite prank which was given to the UFC’s Chief Financial Officer.

When the CFO was out of his office, White and staff had taken everything out of his office and replaced it with things you would find in a child’s bedroom. His desk was replaced with a kid’s desk, and they even put a small racecar bed in the office. White said that whenever the CFO would have a meeting, his guests would have to sit in small children’s chairs.

In the video below, you can hear White talk about all of his favorite pranks along with getting a behind the scenes look at the UFC office.