Derrick Lewis Too Tired To Continue, Loses To Mark Hunt In UFC Main Event

On Saturday night, the UFC returned to the land down under for an exciting Fight Night event in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the main event, two of the best heavyweights in the UFC were set to do battle as Mark Hunt fought Derrick Lewis.

Lewis started the fight with a kick to Hunt’s body. Both fighters were hesitant to engage at the start of the fight. Lewis eventually hit another hard kick to Hunt’s leg and body. Hunt previously unleashed a few strikes, but Lewis retaliated with multiple kicks. Lewis later went for a takedown but failed to succeed. Lewis landed a right hand that busted open Hunt. Lewis continued to kick and jab his opponent to make distance. Hunt would have short periods where he would swarm Lewis but failed to produce much damage.

Lewis landed a head kick to start the second round. Hunt retaliated with a leg kick. Lewis continued to show off his arsenal of kicks. Both fighters traded kicks until Hunt was accidentally poked in the eye. When the fight restarted Lewis landed a kick to Hunt’s body. Lewis then hit an overhead right which stumbled his opponent. Hunt hurt Lewis with a couple of punches. Both fighters then began throwing bombs, but both heavyweights absorbed the shots. The round ended with both fighters trading brutal shots.

Lewis continued to throw kicks to start the middle round. Lewis briefly swarmed on Hunt when he was up against the cage. Hunt escaped and began throwing shots of his own. Both fighters waited to land the knockout blow throughout the land. Each fighter had his moments but failed to produce major damage. Hunt began landing punches to Lewis’ body. Hunt seemed to get the better of Lewis in the final seconds of the round.

Both fighters were more hesitant to engage in the opening seconds of the fourth round. Lewis seemed to be the more fatigued fighter. Hunt landed a jab that briefly rocked Lewis. Hunt was the aggressor throughout the round. Later in the round, Hunt landed a straight punch which one again rocked Lewis. Hunt continued to throw blows until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

The fight was halted basically due to Lewis’ fatigue and not damage.

Official Result:

Mark Hunt def. Derrick Lewis by TKO, Round 4