Jose Aldo Roasts Holloway, Says Max will ‘Sh*t Himself’

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo does not believe interim champion Max Holloway is ready to compete in front of the Brazil crowd.

Aldo will defend his title against Holloway in the main event of UFC 212, on June 3, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Holloway has recently said he will feed off the energy of the Brazilian crowd, but Aldo doesn’t believe that at all.

“The (expletive) he will feed off their energy. He’s going to (expletive) (expletive) himself,” Aldo told Combate. “He never fought with that kind of pressure before, man. You can see in his eyes how nervous he gets when the crowd starts to put the pressure on him. It’s all baloney. He doesn’t want to let it show.

“I’ve fought millions of guys and I never felt the need to respond to the crowd or give them any gestures. When a person wants to show all that, they’re so nervous, you don’t even know how much. He’s afraid. He always fought in the USA, where there’s no booing or anything. It’s an important fight in a new place. He’s nervous, anxious.”